Sunday, January 14, 2024

The National Relationship

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…”

            Usually, when we speak of a relationship with God, it is in terms of a “personal” relationship in Christ.  But there is a larger relationship with God, the quality of which, is very impactful to multitudes of people instead of just one person.  It is the “national relationship.”

            Yep, that is a real thing, easily observed in the historical pages of the Bible.  And, it is also certainly a real and very impactful thing in America.   Indeed, the quality of life in this nation is directly correlated to the quality of this composite relationship that the entire populace of the nation has with God.

            It works like this.  Not unlike Israel, America is also a chosen nation.  Her divinely assigned role has always been to serve as an example to the modern world.  She is intend to exhibit to the world that quality of life which accrues to a nation who maintains, at the very least, a respectful relationship with God.  And, that quality of life is characterized by such things as the nation’s strength, influence, nobility of character, and prosperity.

            And, this respectful national relationship which brings these blessings has two relational dimensions.  First, as one would assume, that respectful relationship occurs as a Christ-centered, deeply faith-based respect for God within the Church. And second, it occurs as simply a secular reverence for God, merely based in the willingness of the secular populace to be so.

            But, America is now widely failing in both dimensions of this relational calling. The grassroots American Church has become broadly disrespectful by the present widespread minimization and pretentiousness in their devotion, resulting in a pervasive shallowness.   And, the secular culture, in greater and greater numbers, is choosing irreverence and even antagonism, toward God. 

            Thus, America has become a very broadly disrespectful nation toward the Governing Creator. And, as a direct result, our normally supportive God has now stepped back.  And, with the loss of that divine guardianship, an imploding America is now left staring at an imminent collapse of our culture.

            Already, we are a much weakened and deeply divided nation, fully engulfed in a dark downward spiral which now touches every facet of our social fabric.  We are literally being invaded through our southern border.  Our government has become more a threat than a help. Prices now soar as the worth of the dollar free falls.

            The rule of law is crumbling, as is our election integrity. And, both within and without, our gathering enemies are now salivating profusely.  And, sadder still, most seem yet unwilling to face up to the real underlying cause of this terminal national trajectory – the erosion of the divine friendship. 

            Solomon said this, “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”  Present day America has broadly abandoned that vibrant friendship we once had with our Divine Friend.  And, the symptoms of that wide abandonment have now become clearly evident in America’s deeply jaundiced national face.

            Surely, we’re better than this.  Surely, we can still do better than this as the contemporary Church and as the secular nation.    

            Indeed, we must be and do better.  At this perilously up-close vantage point, surely it now becomes obvious.  The very survival of our culture actually does hang in the balance of our yes-or-no answer to a renewed respect for God and the worth of God’s friendship.  Honor Him, and perhaps He will again honor us with His help and blessing.