Saturday, January 20, 2024

63 Non-superfluous Conversations with Myself

  1. Killing innocent babies in the womb – Madness
  2. Electing presidents, who are only pretentiously loyal to the Constitution – Courting National Failure
  3. Electing presidents who attempt to circumvent the law instead of devotedly uphold it - Inviting Lawlessness
  4. Agreement with the idea of defunding the police – Dupish
  5. Freeing undocumented aliens into the national population –  Social Poisoning
  6. Illegal hordes crossing the American southern and northern borders – A Tactical Invasion
  7. Giving billions of dollars to nations which sponsor terrorism – A Death Wish
  8. Seeing today’s American politics as a non-existential threat – Terminally Naïve
  9. Remaining self-absorbed while our justice system and liberties are under assault - Unconscionable
  10. Seeing Israel as the bad guy and Hamas as the good guy – Uninformed Lunacy
  11. Seeing anchors at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN as anything but propagandists – Dupish
  12. Rewarding laziness, irresponsibility, and/ or illegal aliens with federal benefits – Inviting Bankruptcy
  13. Legalizing illicit drugs – Enlarging the National Sorrow
  14. Supporting organizations which are working to destroy America – Treasonous
  15. Not recognizing seditious front organizations for what they are - Dupish
  16. Allowing ballot harvesting and free standing, unsecured ballot boxes – Tactical Sedition
  17. Not requiring Voter ID – Tactical Sedition
  18. Understanding and Using propaganda and disinformation as acceptable government practices – The Stuff of Dictatorships
  19. Accepting propaganda and disinformation as truth - Dupish
  20. Not classifying gender in simple biological terms – Pandering Stupidity
  21. Dismissing entirely the goodness and contributions of our predecessors – Unreasoned
  22. A blanket policy of not prosecuting crimes – Dereliction of Duty
  23. Sending our jobs to foreign countries – Welcoming National Poverty
  24. Funding and/ or attending schools whose leadership hates America – Aiding and Abetting 
  25. Funding bio-research in China – Madness
  26. Not regulating big tech and social media companies to insure fairness and responsibility – Dumb
  27. Suppressing the benefits of our rich resources of oil and natural gas – Economic Sedition
  28. Climate change – Badly Misinterpreted 
  29. Intentionally pitting one race against another – Sociopathic
  30. Eliminating the Bail Bond System to allow accused criminals to simply walk free – Dereliction of Duty
  31. Refusing to arrest and deport dangerous criminal aliens – Accessory Before the Fact
  32. Sanctuary cities – Madness
  33. Believing in the goodness of sanctuary cities – Quixotic Madness
  34. Allowing China to traverse the national air space with spy balloons – Abject Stupidity
  35. Downplaying the importance of good character in a politician – Assuring Bad Leadership
  36. Downplaying the importance of good character in our children – Dereliction of Duty
  37. Downplaying the importance of good character in the teachers of our children – Culpable Negligence
  38. Downplaying the importance  of good character in the general populace – Our Foundational  Mistake
  39. Believing hatred and violence to be the day-to-day norm of life - Sociopathic Delusion
  40. Seeking to dismiss or circumvent the Constitution of the United States by illicit means – Treason
  41. Moving away from the rule of law – Terminal Madness
  42. Whole cities and states ignoring our laws – Insurrection
  43. Believing it is OK for a political party’s leadership to embrace seditious behavior –  Mental Darkness
  44. Government weaponization of the law – Dictatorial
  45. Weaponizing of government branches and bureaucracies – Dictatorial
  46. Not prosecuting the criminal behavior of politicians – Asking For More
  47. Surrendering our educational facilities to political activist instead of serious educators – Cancerous to Quality
  48. Surrendering our streets to violent rioters and looters – Cowardice Under Fire
  49. Selling off critical reserves of our national resources to foreign states – Criminal Collusion
  50. Turning our backs on the principles of the Bible – Super Dumb
  51. Alienating Almighty God by our hypocrisy and arrogance – Super Dangerous
  52. Legitimizing the practice of homosexuality – Dark Minded
  53. Interacting with  homosexuals respectfully - Correct Behavior
  54. Not seeing government  mass re-settlement of illegal aliens as seditious and criminal – Dupish
  55. Believing that the whim of every social grouping can and must be satisfied – Childish
  56. Voting for pie-in-the-sky promises instead of integrity, solid plans, and proven success - How We Got Here
  57. Believing that the social sins of the past can never be atoned for and/ or forgiven - Prescribing Chronic Hate
  58. Believing that paper money can be endlessly printed and spent without consequence – Completely Naïve
  59. Allowing Chinese Nationals to do bio-research in substandard labs within the U.S. – Madness
  60. Seeing street violence as a legitimate means to change – Inviting  Anarchy
  61. Believing that the level of the national debt is inconsequential – Terminal State of Denial
  62. Seeing America and American Patriotism as bad things - Intellectual Darkness
  63. Voting for anyone who embraces these things – No Way, Jose!