Sunday, January 14, 2024

Brother To Brother

 Deep disagreement with the actions and/ or views of others – it is a regrettable part of the human reality.  We often encounter these deeply felt oppositions as political diversity, or philosophical disagreements, or interpersonal or social clashes etc.  And, we don’t all handle these disappointments in the same way.

            Typically, our response to these difficulties takes one of two diametrically opposed courses.  Either we choose to assign blame and, in turn, hate (thereby amplifying the problem).  Or, we choose, instead, to pursue a remedy which leaves our nobler ideals intact and in play (thereby truly conquering the issue instead of amplifying it).

            That all sounds right.  Right?  Well, maybe not to those who have already chosen the option of blame and hate to cope with such conflicts.  Indeed, those are hard minds to change.  But, in an effort to do so, let’s just play out their scenario using a higher magnification of the whole process.

            To start with, let’s begin at the real beginning place.  And, those headwaters do not lie in this physical dimension of life.  They absolutely lie in that larger metaphysical dimension of life where both God and Satan originate.

            In that dimension, Satan, long ago, gave rise to a war between himself and God.  And that war has now also engulfed this physical dimension of life as the struggle between good and evil, between the Light and the Darkness.      

            It is a conflict which revolves around only one primary issue:  Who gets to be the authoritative truth-giver?  In other words, whose interpretation of life’s circumstances shall be considered the correct interpretation?   Or, said still another way, whose value system will rule, God’s or Satan’s?

            God’s values can be accurately described as a system of principles which always produce and promote peace, order, and universal good.  Satan’s values, on the other hand, can be accurately described as always producing and promoting self-determination – thus, leading to a world based on the chaotic idea of “every man is a truth unto himself.”

            Satan’s intention for this treacherous belief system is to pit each man against every other and even against God, Himself, to create universal social conflict which will in turn defeat God’s benevolent influence in this world.  So, our disagreements with each other, from interpersonal to international, become a very valuable psychological opportunity to both the demons and the dark-hearted human minions who serve the Darkness. 

            And, their tactical use of that opportunity is not complicated.  Their proddings are always aimed at deepening and emotionally inflaming those disagreements as a means to both bloodshed and blindness – a blindness which keeps one from seeing God’s more noble and truly effective solutions. 

            Disagreement with others is, indeed, a regrettable part of the human reality.  But those disagreements only become more pervasive and more lacerating if we embrace the whispers of the Darkness. 

            God has a better way, a truly graceful way, to resolve our conflicts.  And, it is a way which leads to a true and enduring joy instead of further perpetuating our tears.  It is His noble values which mark the real path to victory over the ravages of human conflict.  But to hear the voice of God, one must first determine to escape the echo chambers of hate.